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Fuel your body with the right supplement and take your fitness to a whole new level. Pumping Aminos by Chaos Crew is a formula designed specifically to help you support your fitness and health goals.

Amino acids play a more significant role in your body than you can think. We all need amino acids as they are the building blocks of protein. Our bodies cannot produce aminos acids, so they must be obtained through a healthy diet or supplementation.

Pumping Aminos has been formulated with all nine essential amino acids to help you power through your sessions. This amino acid supplement also contains other powerful ingredients for added benefits to your body.

The added Coconut Water Powder will provide extra hydration to your body when you need it the most. BioPerine will support better absorptions of each ingredient, and AstraGin will improve athletic performance. You will also find Vitamin C and other non-essential amino acids in this formula.

  • Support essential amino acids intake
  • Give your body the hydration needed after a killer workout
  • Support energy levels after strenuous exercise
  • Improve your fitness and health goals
  • Provide the body with all nine essential aminos acids
  • Support muscle protein synthesis for better results

When it comes down to giving your body the nutrients it needs to get through the most gruelling workouts, Pumping Aminos by Chaos Crew is your go-to supplement.

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