EatMe Double Loop Lifting Straps

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Product Description

  • Reduce hand and finger fatigue
  • Tough cotton with comfortable foam padding
  • Easy to use design to support lifting exercises
  • Can be used as Single Loop 

What are Eat Me Supplements Double Loop Lifting Straps?

You see athletes at the gym using lifting straps especially while performing heavy compound exercises that require strong grip strength. Straps are often used for dead-lifts, lat machine pull-downs, dumbbell squats, lunges and bent-over rows etc.

Lifting straps provide additional support when lifting heavy by wrapping around your wrist and wrapping around the barbell, dumbbell or machine. Effectively, you are strapping your hands to the equipment so you can't let go, even after your grip gives out.

There are two main types of straps, the figure 8 lifting strap (also known as the double loop lifting strap); and the single loop style.

Figure 8 lifting straps can also be used as a single loop strap by only placing your wrist through one loop.

Eat Me Supplements double loop lifting straps are an essential training aid when working your back muscles or engaging in any pulling exercise like deadlifts, lat pull downs and bent over rows.

Constructed from tough cotton with comfortable foam padding precisely where it's needed. You can expect an increase in strength gains and more reps as your power is no longer limited to your grip strength and your feeble little fingers. You'll lift more weight and make sure you really hit the muscles you're training instead of giving up when your grip gives out.

Four Reasons Why You Should Use Eat Me Supplements Lifting Straps:

  1. Straps help you lift more weight than you can with your grip alone. More weight means more muscle!
  2. Not using straps means sacrificing muscle growth in other areas just to grow your forearms.
  3. It’s better to use straps for back muscle work and perform supplementary forearm, targeted wrist and grip strength exercises.
  4. Figure 8 lifting straps are great for heavy lifts, especially when performing a one rep max or any time the body part you are exercising will out perform your grip strength.

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