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Some things are so big, so monumental, that you can’t help but stop and take notice. Like PROZILLA® and its BIG taste, BIG protein, and BIG results. And oh yeah, BIG personality (Leave the dull, lifeless protein powders for some other chump). You’ve got up to seven hours of non-stop muscle-building coming your way, and it all starts now.

There’s big and then there’s PROZILLA® big. PROZILLA® big is break-the-internet big or even-your-mom’s-heard-of-it big. It’s also seven-hours-of-non-stop-muscle-building big. (Yep, we said it. Seven hours.). So, what are you waiting for it? PROZILLA® is stop-reading-this-already-and-take-the-damn-stuff big. Because once you go PROZILLA®, you’ll never go back.

PROZILLA® provides:

Up to 7 hours of non-stop muscle building – Sound interesting? More on that below!
A unique blend of 5 powerful proteins – Because why stop at one?
More protein per serving than the average product – As in, more for your moula.
Defense against muscle breakdown – Helping you build and maintain lean muscle.
Seriously delicious taste – We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Start the Clock. Up to 7 Hours of Monumental Muscle Building Await.
You know the drill with typical protein powders. You consume them after exercise, in between meals, or any other time throughout your day when you want to get more protein. Odds are, you’re scooping up your next serving only two to three hours after you’ve finished your last one.

Now, imagine a protein powder so powerful it could keep you in an uninterrupted muscle-building state for a full seven hours – sort of like being on muscle-building cruise control. Not having to take the product multiple times throughout your day or worrying if you were at risk for muscle breakdown. Just pure confidence knowing that once you put in the initial work (in the gym, on the field, or wherever your active life takes you), PROZILLA® would do the rest. It wouldn’t just meet your immediate protein needs … It would feed your body with a steady stream of amino acids to keep you covered ALL day.

Full-Circle Protein. Non-Stop Results.
The power of PROZILLA® lies in its full-circle protein blend: a mix of five unique proteins, each with varying rates of release and absorption. At the beginning of the cycle are fast-release whey protein hydrolysate and whey protein isolate. Highly soluble, these proteins enter your bloodstream quickly and are easily digested. Typically, they’re taken post-training (when your tired muscles need instant replenishment) or in the morning (after you’ve been fasting all night during sleep). The idea is to get immediate and increased protein synthesis for better growth and recovery.

As you move clockwise around PROZILLA®’s seven-hour protein matrix, you’ll find the slower-released proteins – starting with whey concentrate, then egg albumin, and ultimately micellar casein. Your body can take hours to digest casein (a derivative of cow’s milk), therefore it gradually uses and benefits from all of casein’s properties. Due to casein’s slow digestion and amino acid release, it’s great for staving off catabolism (muscle breakdown) during the night or whenever you may be without food for hours.

Each of the proteins in PROZILLA®’s full-circle blend is powerful on its own, but when mixed together, things get epic! Since PROZILLA® gives you the benefits of both rapid and sustained protein absorption in one shot, there’s no reason to ever choose between them. You’ve also saved the hassle and expense of having to buy five separate protein products. (Who’s got the money for that?). With PROZILLA®, one product does the job … and then some. You’re completely covered until you take your next serving, up to seven hours later.

More is Better
Did we mention PROZILLA® has more protein per serving than most protein powders on the market? Take our Chocolate Trance flavour … It’s got a whopping 27 grams per serving. Generally, other brands will level off at around 20 grams or less. That’s because it can be difficult for product developers to master the art of high protein and great taste. The easier route is to skimp on protein and then use fillers (i.e. junk) to amp up the flavour. But our focus has always been on helping you see results. If we say “high protein,” we mean it.

Flavour Boss Approved
Don’t worry, just because we’re sticklers for quality, that doesn’t mean we don’t value great taste. In fact, we’re kind of obsessed with it. When developing PROZILLA® flavours, we wanted to deliver taste in a BIG way. That led to the creation of our Cereal Milk Series – flavours that capture the pure joy of being a kid at breakfast. Back then, it was all about filling your bowl to the brim and chugging the leftover milk (no spoon of course) as it dripped down your chin. Mom didn’t always ap

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