NZProtein NZ Whey Protein 1KG

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NZProtein NZ Whey Protein 1KG

The NZProtein NZ Whey Protein 1KG is formulated to provide a high-quality source of essential amino acids for optimal muscle building and recovery.

NZProtein Whey is a premium protein powder, packed with amino acids and BCAAs, derived from milk during the cheese making process. It has a naturally smooth texture and is widely regarded as the tastiest protein option.

Dig into NZProtein NZ Whey Protein - a quick-digesting, gut-friendly, and highly nutritious source of protein with a powerful amino acid profile. Perfect for building muscle and repairing after (or before) a workout!

Get ready to shake up your fitness routine with NZProtein NZ Whey Protein 1KG! Athletes, fitness models, and bodybuilders all love this top-selling supplement. Whether you're looking to shed some pounds or simply increase your protein intake, this is the perfect choice for you.

Some NZProtein NZ Whey flavours have edible pieces:

  • Cookies n cream - cookie crumbs
  • Orange choc chip - chocolate chips
  • Blueberry yoghurt - freeze dried blueberry pieces
  • Butterscotch caramel - hokey pokey pieces
  • Choc peanut - roast peanut pieces and no flavouring.

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