NZProtein Protein Pancake Mix 500g

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NZProtein Protein Pancake Mix

Can Also Make Protein Balls, Bars, Cookies and Waffles.
NZ Protein’s Pancake Mix is great tasting, quick and ridiculously easy!
Its blend of slower release proteins (micellar casein and egg white) and low Glycemic Index (GI) carbohydrates provide a sustained energy release to help fuel you throughout the day. With nearly 10 grams of protein per pancake they're a great protein food to have at breakfast - or any time really because they're pretty guilt free!
They won't dry out either. We've used ingredients that bake well - casein and egg white don't tend to dry out like whey does when cooked, as with the combination of coconut flour and oat flour.
NZProtein's protein pancake mix is super economical too. At just $0.85 per pancake we're pretty confident that we've got the cheapest protein pancake mix in New Zealand. At this price why muck around getting all the ingredients, measuring them out and trying to get it right when we already have?!
It can also be used to make crepes, waffles, bars and cookies!

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